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Buy Movies - Surely You Missed Some of These

You're a discriminating movie patron, we can tell that just looking at you. A person who is always looking for something kind of edgy, something to get under your skin a little and make you think.  Maybe you'll like one of these.  We do.


Certainly the most 'religious' of the Kevin Smith movies, this otherwise fairly screwball slapstick gross-out movie really dwells deeply on theology and what mans role in Gods world is.  Of course, the answer offends most rigid-minded folks.  A great movie to send to that wealthy dowager aunt of yours if you're in need of your inheritance that much earlier.

Oh yeah, it's a Jay and Silent Bob flick if you didn't know.  Guess we should add the "Chasing Dogma" graphic novel around here somewhere - it's the prequel to this movie and explains how Jay and Bob ended up hanging outside the planned parenthood office at the beginning of the movie.

That's it for now, just a placeholder really, we'll add more later.

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